"Music is organized sound."

Edgard varese

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The Protective Association of Sound Engineers - Authors, a registered association (OAZA) was founded in 2003 as a professional organization, associating on the principle of voluntary membership masters of sound. In 2005 it was judicially acknowledged that the sound engineers/sound designers create art works in fulfillment of the claims made on the author's work. Since 2006 OAZA, under the authority of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, has been conducting the collective management of the rights of the persons who own the property rights of the authors belonging to sound engineers/designers.

Since then, OAZA's primary mission has been to develop publicly beneficial activities to protect and manage the rights of sound engineers/sound designers as copyright protection organization - a collective management organization.

"When I was working in Hollywood, I didn't think the copyright protection of sound engineers would be further in the Czech Republic than in the USA."

Martin Maryška

sound engineer / producer / scriptwriter - anglický překlad


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