General information for right holders 

General information for right holders 

Become a member of the sound engineers community and the copyright holders of sound engineers who successfully defend their rights not only in the Czech Republic but also in various countries around the world. What brings you cooperation with OAZA?

  • we offer experience with collective rights management
  • we will take care of the timely collection of copyright rewards from users of your works in the Czech Republic
  • we ensure the monitoring of the use of your works with high precision – it is enough to provide the patterns of your recordings
  • on the basis of reciprocal agreements with foreign copyright organizations  we will ensure the collection of copyright rewards for the use of your works abroad
  • we will pay you the rewards at a predetermined payout date
  • with each payout of the authors’ rewards you will receive a detailed bill with an overview of the use of works
  • your works will be registered in our database
  • you gain access to OAZAIS (OAZA Information System), where you can electronically report your works, get an overview of the use of your works and much more


You can work with OAZA in many ways You can

  • become a  member of OAZA
  • be  represented on the basis of a contract
  • log into the records only

How to become an OAZA member

  • you are a copyright holder of works of sound engineers
  • you fill out the membership application form on the Application form, sign it, and send it to OAZA
  • the application for membership shall be approved by the OAZA Board  after examination
  • more detailed conditions can be found in the statutes

How to conclude a contract with OAZA

  • you will fill in the draft  of  Contractt on the representation of copyrights
  • you  send the completed and signed draft to OAZA in two copies How to log into the records
  • you will fill in the Application for registration
  • send in two copies, filled in and signed to OAZA


In case of any doubt  please contact us at: E-mail: oaza@oaza.euTelephone: +420777161539


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