Copyright Protection 

Copyright Protection

In the case where another person, without the consent of the author (i.e without a contract), uses the work of the author or otherwise unjustifiably interferes with the above-mentioned property or personality rights, the law provides the injured author a protecton of his rights with tools.
The author is attached to:

a. the right to determine authorship
b. the right to prohibit the threat to the law (prohibition of production, sale, promotion, etc.)
c. the right to communicate unauthorized use data (numbers of illegal copies, price)
d. the right to remove the consequences of copyright infringement (download of illegal copies, destruction of copies, equipment for their production)
e. the right to prohibit the provision of a service that serves to infringe or threaten copyright
f. right to satisfaction (apology, financial compensation)
g. the right to compensation of a damage
h. the right to unjust enrichment

Duration of copyright

The copyright for the work lasts for the lifetime of the author and for 70 years after his death (copyright is the subject of inheritance). After the author’s death, the enjoyment of the exercise of these rights, as well as the possibility of protecting this copyright, belongs the heirs of the author.

Contractual freedom of the author

The author may grant his / her copyright to other persons by a contract (the law indicates it as a license). If another person does not obtain the consent of the author (or his / her heirs or other copyright holders – such as the employer) to use the work or otherwise manipulate the work (s), it infringes the copyrights with all the resulting consequences (see above Protection of Copyright ). The law itself calculates cases where there is no need to pay for the use of works, to obtain the consent of the authors (heirs, employers) – for example, the use of works in education, religious, official, civic purposes. However, such situations are exceptional and in the case of routine commercial use of works of authors, the author is always entitled to remuneration.

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