How are  collected royalties distributed to the authors?

How are  collected royalties distributed to the authors?

Collected royalties are paid out in accordance with the law and the Distribution rules. This document is accepted by the General Assembly of the authors themselves. Distribution rules regulate the basic rules for the billing of authors’ rewards for the use of  sound engineers´works both in the Czech Republic and abroad where OAZA has concluded a reciprocal contract. The individual royalties rates are set by the OAZA Pricing list and individual contracts concluded with users of works or persons required to pay special bonuses, reciprocal agreements with foreign partner organizations or directly the copyright law or its implementing regulations [1]. In order for the Sound engineer (or his heir or other authorized person) to gain a share of the collected royalties  he must fulfill the following obligations:


1.      to request the conclusion of a representation agreement or to register into the records in order to be paid a share from collected royalties,

2.      to send to the collective management organization a notification of each created work on a special copy issued by OAZA and marked “Works notice” in which it is required to provide all required data necessary for the processing of the form.


The share on royalties is paid out  once a year, usually at the end of the first half of the previous calendar year. Each  sound engineer receives a printed bill and can object to this bill within three months of the billing. In the case of an apparently unjustified complaint, OAZA may charge the costs incurred in investigating the claim. OAZA is entitled to assess the truthfulness of reports submitted by rightholders. Defects identified must be removed by the rightholder, return the wrong amount; if not, OAZA is entitled to deduct it unilaterally. [1] Decree of the Ministry of Culture No. 488/2006 Coll.

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