Rights of authors

Rights of authors

Copyright Act is a general rule that grants each author’s group or each author of a work, in principle, the same extent of rights (except for exceptions).
Authors have the right to claim for property benefits for the use of their works, as well as the right to the protection of their works under the so-called author’s personal rights (the inviolability of these works, copyright, copyright supervision, etc.).

Fundamental is the list of property rights. In the case of the use of copyright works in one of the ways listed in the list below, the authors are entitled to royalties (except as provided by law). These copyrights include:

a. Reproduction of works (e.g. production of audio, audiovisual carriers – CD, DVD, mp3, etc.)
b. Expansion of works (CD, DVD, etc.)
c. Rental of DVDs and other carriers with author’s works (video rental services, similar services for a fee)
d. lending of DVDs and other carriers with author´s works (in libraries and other non-profit organizations or establishments)
e. accessing works by the internet and similar networks (downloading, ringing music)
f. performing works live or recorded (theaters, discos, shops)
g. broadcasting of works by radio, television (all commercial or public broadcasters)
h. cable transmission of broadcast (cable systems transmitting original TV, radio)
i. broadcasting (hotels, restaurants and other facilities with televisions and radios in common areas)

Note: this is not a complete list of the authors’ property rights!

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